Why The Change

Today is New Years Day 2018!  I have been in business for a little over three years now and have made the decision recently to go forward with changing my business name from Personal Touch Florals to simply Sue Hines Floral.  Some are asking why change it Sue?  Several reasons have played into my choice and I'd like to share the top two with you today.  I have gone back and forth in my mind for the past year and half do I keep it, do I change it?  It has felt like I've been on the teeter totter and I decided it was time to get off.  

1.  I was hearing this comment a lot from customers.  "I can never remember your business name so I told my friend to just google "Sue Hines" to find you.  By changing my name to Sue Hines Floral it solves the issue of what is the name of my business.  It's simply me, I am a independent florist with a rural floral studio located at my home in the woods.  

2. Another reason I choose to make the change is to help eliminate having my business confused with other local businesses.  I hadn't realized at the time I choose  the name Personal Touch that there had been years earlier in my area another similar business that also used Personal Touch in their business name. Nor did I know about the wonderful local shop in Spokane called Special Touch Florist.  I have become friends with the owner of Special Touch and I don't want our customers to get us confused.  I want her to have all the business that is meant to be hers and the same for me.  So by switching my business name to my name helps to solve all confusion between other floral businesses in my area.  

If you're interested in knowing my service area and hours in studio you will that information  here.  Want to contact me about placing an order, or have a questions? Please go to  either the wedding inquiry or the general contact form.  I look forward to 2018 and continuing to share with my community fresh lovely flowers from the amazing flower farmers right here around us.

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