Why Ask For Flowers In A Flower Boxes

More of my flowerbox designs can be found on my www.facebook.com/suehinesfloral page.  

Sue Hines Floral bridal shower boxes.jpg

The Flowerbox company located in the Pearl District of Portland, OR  offers florists one of my favorite products to use called the flowerbox.  The perfect earth-friendly product that lays flat until you need to fold it up to use.  This feature saves me  a lot space in my studio.  Which is important to me because I'd rather have my space available for designing instead of being used for the storage for vases. One shelf can hold a couple hundred boxes instead of a couple dozen glass vases.  This makes very good sense to me.  Plus, these bright and colorful  waterproof and recyclable boxes are appreciated by my customers  who want to enjoy flowers without having to deal with a vase after the flowers fade.  They simply toss the box into the recycle bin.  Flower-boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and I find them a wonderful product to work with.  Customers also appreciate their wide square bottoms making it easy to transport their flowers with less tipping and spilling.  There are so many ways to dress them up and personalize them with ribbons, stickers, gems, wires and ribbons.  It's like having a  mini canvas to artistically design on which I find enjoyable to do.  Using Flower-boxes is a simple and fun way for me to personalize someones arrangement when I want to make it pop with personality.  I find the 4x4 cube perfect to use for flowers going to the hospital because the waterproof cube takes up little space and is easy for the family to transport home when they leave.  Their grab and go boxes are one of my favorite items for transporting wedding bouquets they come with tags attached for quick labeling.  The square cubes are also perfect for a casual outdoor wedding reception.  No need to worry about vases tipping over, their low profile makes them the perfect height for table centerpieces.   Consider asking for a FlowerBox in your next floral order,  Florists all over are using them so just ask your local florist for one.