Start The New Year Off With African Violets

I am excited about Pantone's 2018 color of the year being Ultra Violet.  I look forward to using the ultra violet colors in my designs this year as a florist as well as offering their benefits in tangible ways to those in my Feng Shui circle.  One of my favorite resources I use when I'm designing a message bouquet for a customer is Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves book Flower Therapy.  It is by far my favorite to refer to for some of the meanings and benefits we receive from flowers.  As you probably know the African Violet comes in a wide array of colors, many of her shades are in the purple and ultra violet spectrum. Since this ultra violet color centers around visionary thinking, ingenuity and originality it works well with those of us who take time at the beginning of a new year to think about changes we'd like to create in our lives.  I thought I'd share with you a couple ways the charming little African Violet plant may be a support for you when brought into your home or office.  

According to Doreen's Flower Therapy the African Violet message is "I'll cleanse away the old and give life to the new."   Known for their ability to help with purification and transmuting energy from a lower to higher vibration they help clear the energy in the environments we live and work in.   In my Feng Shui Consulting business I encourage clients to bring fresh flowers into their homes/offices as an excellent Chi enhancer.  African violets are perfect additions for us to add to our bedrooms.  One small plant is all that is needed  when placed by your bedside they help to  gently clear out negativity while you are sleeping.   In a bedroom, when it comes to flowers less is more.  A single rose is a better choice than a dozen.  Flowers hold an active fire energy and we want our bedrooms to be a safe, cozy, and relaxing space where we can experience rest and rejuvenation.  An African Violet is the perfect size for a bedroom and along with helping to remove negativity they also support increasing our sense of peacefulness and love.   Another place the violet can support you in your home is any room where you may of been experiencing conflict.  Say your home office space is often a place you and your spouse argue about finances.  Or a child's bedroom where you argue about doing homework or picking up laundry.  Spaces like this can also benefit from an African violets ability to restore the space to a state of increased faithfulness and loving connections. 

They do like to soak up some sunshine at least once a week but will do fine in an area without filtered sun for the remainder of the time if they have to.  Be sure to water them from the bottom, they don't like to have their leafs wet it will cause damage to them.    Careful that you don't let them sit for days in water nor do they like their roots to totally dry out.  I find watering them once a week is about perfect for my violets to thrive.  I do feed them fertilizer about once a month and I pinch off the blossom stems as they fade which encourages them to continue to put out new ones.  May your admiration and appreciate for this little ultra violet beauty grow. And may you enjoy renewed joy and calmness by having her in your home.