When you have had a Feng Shui session with me, you may wish to have me design you a personalized floral design as a special Ch'i enhancement for one of the bagua areas that you have chosen to work in.  I think the fresh flower arrangement are the most beneficial but I do offer you designs in permanent flowers too. Depending on your entry way into your home, you may wish for me to design you a container of flowers for your front door area as well.  When I create these designs I am specifically working with what your intentions are for what you are wanting to improve, change, attract etc in your life.  Depending on the area in your home the flowers will be displayed in and which of the bagua  areas you are addressing, will also influence which colors and types of flowers I design with.  It will also matter where the arrangement is to be displayed when it comes to the style of design I choose to do for you.  These special Ch'i enhancing arrangements come with a printed letter telling you why I selected the flowers and colors I did and how I believe they will best support you and your intentions.  These special floral arrangements start at $53 and up.