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This is a quick and easy way for you to order flowers for any occasion.  Simply fill out the form below and Sue will send you an email confirmation of receiving your order.  You will receive an invoice emailed to you and live link options for making payment. For same day deliveries please order before noon. To reach us by phone call 509-868-3347.  Thank you for choosing to do business with Sue Hines Floral.

Please Complete Floral order form

Name *
This is the name of the person sending the flowers.
This is the phone number of the person who is sending flowers.
The name of the person who will be receiving the flowers.
A phone number in case they are not at the delivery location so we can get instructions on where to leave the order.
The address where flowers are to be delivered to. Please include gate codes if they will be needed.
The date you would like the flowers delivered on.
Do you want a morning (9-12) afternoon (12-4) or evening (4-7) delivery. I can not guarantee exact time but within those windows.
Tell us what you'd like to order. Ex. a dozen purple roses, a mix bouquet of pink flowers etc. Do you want something low like a centerpiece for the table or more upright and tall in a vase? Are there flowers they love, or dislike? Any favorite colors to design with? Any details you can share will be helpful.
If you are ordering something specific like 1/2 a dozen a dozen or two dozen roses I will send you the price with the order confirmation. If you are ordering something that needs to stay in a particular price range please list that here. Ex. I'd like a mix bouquet of yellow and white flowers in the $40 range please.
Please write out the message you want included with the flowers and sign it the way you want me to sign it.
If they have a vase they love you can choose to send a hand tied design that will be packaged in a hydro pac wrapped with tissue and tied with a bow. They simple snip the tie and place in their vase for a perfectly designed arrangement to enjoy. This is a great option for anyone who wants to deliver the flowers in person. I would simply deliver them to you instead of to the receiver.
If you'd like to order a smaller arrangement for Valentines Day and give her a gift certificate to with it where they may order flowers later in the year this is the option for you.
Any questions or other details you want to ask/share?
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Express your feelings with flowers.

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." Emma Goldman