Feng Shui Sessions with Sue

Your first session starts with a phone consultation then I ask you to fill out a inquiry form.  When I arrive at your home or work place I ask that you plan on me being their for a full hour and half.  My fee is $130 and you can request more time at $60 a hour if you feel you will need it.  I encourage you to either record or take notes during the session so that you can go back to review our discussion and the insights I share with you.   We will be applying the Bagua map to your home/office.  This is a Feng Shui Treasure map, an energy map that shows you which areas of your home or office are connected to the specific areas of your life.  Your session also includes free phone/email support for 14 days and a 15 minute phone call follow up two weeks after your session.  I look forward to working with you and sharing the joys of Feng Shui with you.   

Here are some questions you may want to consider when it comes to clearing clutter in your spaces. 

  • Do I love this?

  • Do I need it?

  • Does it support who I am in my life right now?

  • Does it act as an affirmation for me?

  • What positive and/or negative thoughts, memories or emotions do I associate with it?

  • Does it need to be fixed or repaired, and am I willing to do so now?

  • If it's time to let it go, am I going to sell, lend, or give it away and when?


  • You can see a variety of information and articles I post on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/suehinesconsulting.