I enjoy sharing about Feng Shui with groups of people who are interested.  I offer presentation for gatherings of four or more people to learn basic Feng Shui principles and guidelines and show you how to see your home with your own Feng Shui glasses on; How to apply the treasure (Bagua) map to any room; Identifying Ch'i enhancers that are best for you; And a number of presentations for specific topics such as Feng Shui for the kitchen, for the bedroom  and bathroom, and Feng Shui for children. Most presentations can be designed to run between one hour to four hours depending on what you'd like me to cover and how interactive your group will want to be.  If you are interested in gathering together some friends or co-workers to share a couple hours together learning about Feng Shui please fill in the contact form and be sure to check the boxes about Feng Shui.