Feng Shui Consulting with Sue

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Private Feng Shui Sessions

Private sessions for creating your own personal paradise.  I come to your home or work place and show you how to apply the Feng Shui Treasure Map (Bagua Map) to your environment and guide  you with ideas and suggestions for improvements to support your intentions for the changes in your life experience you are wanting to have.   We start off with a phone consultation and I will ask that you fill out a questionnaire I will send.  Your session is for an hour and half.   


Feng Shui & Flowers

For those who have a private session with me I offer further support with personalized floral designs to support your desires in the bagua areas that you  will be working with.   The style and design will be decided on after your session when we know what areas you are wanting to enhance.  There are options for both fresh and permanent floral designs. As well as outdoor planters for your porch. 

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I offer presentation for gatherings of four or more people to learn basic Feng Shui principles and how to see your home with your own Feng Shui glasses on; How to apply the treasure map to any room; Identifying Ch'i enhancers that are best for you; And a number of presentations for specific topics such as Feng Shui for the kitchen, for the bedroom, yard and even Feng Shui for children.